Hilarious Pampered Consort 31


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31. A Certain Ye’s Probe (1)

Within the refined and luxurious carriage.

Various dried fruits and exquisite treats was prepared within the container, even carrying a few books for idle reading. At this moment, Mo LianCheng is sitting on the soft seats of the carriage with a languid expression which, compared to the previous dignified appearance, was a completely different style.

The edge of Qu Tan-er’s lips twitched.

Seems that it wasn’t just her that was able to act, wasn’t it?

She won’t expose, some things that has been exposed would turn the atmosphere awkward.

She silently chose a position furthest from Mo LianCheng to sit down, posture perfect, gentle and graceful without any bad habits to be seen. However, to sit like this for long would definitely be tiring… Continue reading

Hilarious Pampered Consort 30


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30. Gentle words can still drive one mad (2)

“Since Eight Wang Ye is not intending to have a brief stay, then at least allow this subject to inform the servants to prepare some good wine and dishes…” Qu JiangLin changed his tactics again.

“Does Father-in-law wish so much for Ben Wang to stay?”

“Eight Wang Ye thinks too much, this subject did not mean anything. ” Immediately, Qu JiangLin could hear the underlying meaning behind Mo LianCheng’s words, his heart jumping in shock as he managed to reply in time. Continue reading

Hilarious Pampered Consort 29


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29. Gentle words can still drive one mad (1)

“Tan-er ought pour the tea now.” With a change of expression on Big Madam’s face, she managed to hold back her anger and speak.

“Oh.” Qu Tan-er nodded, appearing to have understood. She was indeed a tad thirsty and ought to pour a cup of tea for herself. Thereafter, she takes the teapot and pours the tea into the empty cup before her, then picks up the cup and drinks by herself. Continue reading

Hilarious Pampered Consort 27


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27. She wants to vomit, feeling disgust to the point of wanting death. (1)

“Tan-er, why haven’t you gone over, Eight Wang Ye is waiting for you.” Big Madam carried a smile on her face despite the fierce glare she shot at her, stepped forth with a supposed warm manner, hidden from Mo LianCheng’s sights, raised her hand and pushed Qu Tan-er with veiled familiarity. However, her fingers that touched Qu Tan-er’s waist was at first a light push, that then turned into a hard pinch and added with extra force…. Continue reading