Side Projects/Teasers


About Translations: Sometimes if I have some free time, I attempt to do a bit of translating. I’m a newbie though.


As of 6.9.2017; So apparently I was informed that translations do sometimes get randomly copied and taken off to be released somewhere else without the translators’ knowledge. In response to such incidents, Sleepy Owlet here would like to mention that please, please, PLEASE, simply request or have a PM sent regarding re-postings, Sleepy Owlets here doesn’t bite! Either that, or Direct Links Only, many thanks!

爆笑宠妃:爷我等你休妻 : RAWS


Hilarious Pampered Consort; NovelUpdate


Teaser 01;

Raised the Villain up Bent, How to Fix it?

Doesn’t have a NU Link, and I’m tired now so I’ll come back and make this part look nicer next time, here’s chapter 1 teaser; Raised the Villain up Bent 1


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