Hilarious Pampered Consort 31


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31. A Certain Ye’s Probe (1)

Within the refined and luxurious carriage.

Various dried fruits and exquisite treats was prepared within the container, even carrying a few books for idle reading. At this moment, Mo LianCheng is sitting on the soft seats of the carriage with a languid expression which, compared to the previous dignified appearance, was a completely different style.

The edge of Qu Tan-er’s lips twitched.

Seems that it wasn’t just her that was able to act, wasn’t it?

She won’t expose, some things that has been exposed would turn the atmosphere awkward.

She silently chose a position furthest from Mo LianCheng to sit down, posture perfect, gentle and graceful without any bad habits to be seen. However, to sit like this for long would definitely be tiring…


“Return to the Fu.” This sentence flowed out from Mo LianCheng’s lips calmly.

His order given and with the chorus of agreement responded from the servants outside, the carriage begins to move.

The atmosphere was a little solemn, nobody spoke.

Some time passed again.

Mo LianCheng had a book on hand, leisurely reading, occasionally picking a few dried fruits and tossing them into his mouth with comfortable ease.

On the other hand, Qu Tan-er was internally calculating how long she could maintain her current posture.

Even though the carriage had soft cushions, the seat was too low and she couldn’t sit with crossed legs like a a man. She could only tilt both legs in one direction, covering even her footwear under the skirt, small hands quietly placed on top of her lap, lower back straightened, head slightly lowered, keep her breathing light, without a single flaw.

This sitting posture was already exhausting, yet the main point was the wound on her back, the pain still persisting. Her brows remained creased, unable to relax.

“Something you wish to say?” Suddenly, Mo LianCheng raised his head and asked.



“Very comfortable.”

The simple conversation between them did not continue.

A long time later…

“Qu. Tan. Er?” Mo LianCheng mildly uttered her name, narrowed eyes firmly staring at her.

“Yes.” Qu Tan-er nodded her head, a quiver in her heart as she waited for his next sentence. Damn, she’d originally thought that they would be able to peacefully return to the Eight Fu, but it turns out that she was thinking too naively and underestimated Mo LianCheng.

“The name is not wrong?”


“And the person?” Mo LianCheng asked, a smiling expression on his handsome face. Except, this smile carried indifference and coldness.

“Yes.” Qu Tan-er’s response was direct, without a hint of fluster, firmly decisive. Thinking back, her current looks were that of a sixteen year old (The body was fourteen when she crossed over), and with the mind of a twenty year old, Mo LianCheng should be rejoicing that he met one of the world’s great extraordinary…. No, it should be called a thousand years spirit, or else with this sort of chance, it isn’t something just anybody could encounter.

Mo LianCheng fell silent.

Qu Tan-er gave a smile, asking back, “Is Wang Ye suspecting me?”

Qu Tan-er was only able to say this sentence out after thinking it through multiple times, before questioning.

She had a feeling of being tested, was he suspecting her identity?

“What do you think?” Mo LianCheng returned back instead.

Qu Tan-er smiled. Although the smile was tranquil and calm, but it carried less sincerity, smiling without heart. Did he think she didn’t know how to fake a cold smile just because he could? She spoke naturally, “Wang Ye must be joking, Tan-er is still Tan-er, the Fourth Miss from Qu Fu and is currently Wang Ye’s Eight Wang Fei.” Originally she had wanted to tell him, she wasn’t Qu Fu’s Fourth Miss, to tell him to just let her leave, but on second thought knew that it was too naive. If she dared to say that she wasn’t Fourth Miss, the highest possibility was death. Another possibility was… A fate so terrible that death would be preferred.


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16 thoughts on “Hilarious Pampered Consort 31

  1. Thanks for picking up this translation. Your doing a great job. This is one of my favorite novels and thought i would never be able to continue it unless I learned to read chinese.


  2. midoriha

    Ooh, lol tang’er, jia you! Well, i mean, the physical body is the original, so what does it matter? Uwahh, the pain in her back!


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