Hilarious Pampered Consort 30


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30. Gentle words can still drive one mad (2)

“Since Eight Wang Ye is not intending to have a brief stay, then at least allow this subject to inform the servants to prepare some good wine and dishes…” Qu JiangLin changed his tactics again.

“Does Father-in-law wish so much for Ben Wang to stay?”

“Eight Wang Ye thinks too much, this subject did not mean anything. ” Immediately, Qu JiangLin could hear the underlying meaning behind Mo LianCheng’s words, his heart jumping in shock as he managed to reply in time.

“Is it Ben Wang that thinks too much, or Father-in-Law that is too nervous?” Mo LianCheng smiled indifferently, his tone even and calm.

“That, That…” Qu JiangLin’s had a head of cold sweat, speechless against the other but when his line of sight lands on Qu Tan-er, immediately had another idea formed: “Qu Tan-er has never stepped past the main door and since she’s back now, perhaps Eight Wang Ye may allow this young girl to stay home for a few days? This subject worries that she would not be able to get used to the sudden change of environment, so…”

“Ho, is that so?”

“Hoping for Eight Wang Ye’s consideration, this subject has always been fond of this daughter and thus wish to share more words with her.”

“What about your thoughts?” Mo LianCheng’s gaze shifted, turned towards Qu Tan-er questioningly.

“Asking me?” Qu Tan-er’s lips twitched, her heart carrying a hint of gloominess. These two men, whether or not it is fighting in the open or secretly, if they wish to fight then fight so why did the topic turn towards her and drag her into the fight.

“Precisely asking you.” Mo LianCheng quipped.

“Shall listen to Fath…. No, Big Mada…. No, everything shall follow Eight Wang Ye’s decision.” Qu Tan-er considered a moment before answering him, sight turned to Qu JiangLin. Halfway through, as if there was a sudden wrong, she turns her eyes towards Big Madam and uttered, yet it remains unfinished as she hesitated, unsure and uncertain. At last her gaze lands on Mo LianCheng’s face and ultimately found an answer, thus finishing her words.

Look ah, how much she knew to observe people’s faces to give face. When the last sentenced is finished, everybody’s faced changed properly, once again proving that her previous decision was correct.

“Does Tan-er not want to accompany Father more? Afterall…”

“Don’t want to.”

“Tan….” With a change on Qu JiangLin’s old face, he was awkwardly at a loss. Especially with Mo LianCheng’s presence here, the fury emitted had to be restrained, anger could not be vented, only held back.

“Big Madam said, a daughter that is married out is like water that has been splashed out.” Oh, she also didn’t wish to speak so harshly but…

“Look at this child, your Big Madam spoke casually and you treated it as the truth.”

“But, the door was closed…”

“Alright, if you do not wish to stay, then return with Eight Wang Ye. Come back when you are free.” Qu JiangLin, afraid that she would say something again, hurriedly cut off her words and, no longer wanting to add on words to keep her, immediately changed to a stance that is meant to drive people away.

Qu Tan-er nodded her head, obediently listening, no longer talkative.

Mo LianCheng merely raised his brows, did not say anything, giving Qu Tan-er a glance before stepping towards the entrance.

Qu Tan-er’s movements wasn’t slow either. When a certain Ye lifted his feet, she immediately stood up without bothering to offer a greeting, promptly followed along with suspiciously fast speed, as if something unclean was chasing from behind her.

Walking out of Qu Fu, the luxurious horse-carriage from Eight WangFu could be seen.

Mo LianCheng went up.

Qu Tan-er originally thought that she had her own carriage, but unexpectedly she saw that behind her was Qu JiangLin and Big Madam, plus a group of concubines and Ninth Madam had came out to send them off. Catching a glimpse of Ninth Madam’s eyes that were full of reluctance and carried motherly love, she lowered her head and secretly sighed. For the sake of Ninth Madam’s stay in Qu Fu to be a little better in the future, eventually went up the carriage.

曲府 Qu Fu : Qu Manor . Fu = Manor/Mansion

王府 Wang Fu : Prince Manor

TLNote: I’m not sure if people prefer reading it as -name- Manor or -name- Fu, but in the end I just decided to leave it as a note below lol.

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