Hilarious Pampered Consort 29


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29. Gentle words can still drive one mad (1)

“Tan-er ought pour the tea now.” With a change of expression on Big Madam’s face, she managed to hold back her anger and speak.

“Oh.” Qu Tan-er nodded, appearing to have understood. She was indeed a tad thirsty and ought to pour a cup of tea for herself. Thereafter, she takes the teapot and pours the tea into the empty cup before her, then picks up the cup and drinks by herself.

Once again she admits… She truly, truly intentionally twisted the meaning of Big Madam’s words. Besides, her heart feels a little disgruntled, both of them are humans– She’s been here for so long without even half a droplet of water entering her lips, so why should Mo LianCheng whom had just arrived, require another to serve him?

“What I meant was, Tan-er ought serve tea to Eight Wang Ye.” Big Madam continues to endure.

“Oh… Have some tea, Eight Wang Ye.” Qu Tan-er leisurely picks up the teapot and shifts it towards Mo LianCheng’s tea cup. Her delicate and beautiful small lips that carried a hint of laughter lifts faintly at the edges, lightly provoking compassion from people.

Mo LianCheng merely swept an indifferent glance to her, said nothing and raised the tea cup up for a drink. However, it was only a sip, but his brows creased and his entire movement paused.

He does not move. As for the rest, even more so do they not dare to recklessly move, all eyes staring towards him.

“The tea…”

A majority held their breaths from the start of his words, not daring to even breathe.

Qu Tan-er too, was watching Mo LianCheng, but when the first word was released, she retrieves her gaze back, slowly shifted it to the teacup in her hand and proceeded to enjoy the fragrance of the tea… Despite it being a bit tepid and thick.

“Is cold.” Mo LianCheng puts the tea cup down lightly, before releasing the last two words, his line of sight sweeping over Qu Tan-er, a pondering look in his gaze.

“Cold? What cold…” Big Madam stared blankly, momentarily confused, but as she stared, fixated at the tea cup being put down,  she realized in time: “Tan-er, look at the kind of tea you poured! The tea has turned lukewarm, how could you let Eight Wang Ye drink it! It can’t be that you…” [1]

“Tan-er also did not wish to but, it was Big Madam who wanted Tan-er to pour the tea.” Qu Tan-er appeared wronged, words carrying a choked cry.

“Did you not drink the tea earlier? You did not even mention that the tea had cooled, causing Wang Ye to also drink cold tea.”

“Tan-er had wanted to say so, but Big Madam did not give Tan-er a chance to.” Qu Tan-er shivered slightly, the fear on her face increasing in abundance. Previously crying out Big Mother, this time switching to calling her Big Madam. She couldn’t do anything, but her ability to pretend was second to none. It would definitely drive them crazy, if not, these two years, she would have adapted for nothing.

“Then you should hurry up and d…”

“Steward, quickly have the tea changed.” Qu JiangLin hurriedly intercepts Big Madam’s words, cold sweat forming continuously on his forehead.

“Yes Master, I will immediately do so.” [2]

The steward quickly moved away with the cooled tea pot, striding out from the door.

“No need to do so, Ben Wang has been out for some time and should be going back.” Mo LianCheng waved a hand and stood up, appearing to decide to leave.

“Eight Wang Ye had just arrived, how could you speak of leaving? If Eight Wang Ye do not mind, then stay here for a few days and let this subject and subject’s wife [3] educate Tan-er on more things, to prevent Tan-er from further causing mishaps.” Qu JiangLin saw that Mo LianCheng was about to leave and hastily spoke up to stop him.

“There is no need to. Rather, Ben Wang feels that a woman as fragile as her, what kind of mishaps would she be able to cause?” Mo LianCheng gave a glance at the meek-looking Qu Tan-er, before sweeping his sight back to Qu JiangLin. Although his attitude was not forceful, it still did not allow anybody to protest.

[1] Imagine room-temperature tea that’s been steeped for too long.

[2] The steward uses ‘小的’, which is just a servile way of saying ‘I’. (Referring to himself being of a smaller/lower status)

[3] Qu JiangLin uses ‘臣与内子’, where 臣 = subject/servant/official of lower status and 内子 = a humble way to call his wife.

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14 thoughts on “Hilarious Pampered Consort 29

  1. *dies* Our heroine is remarkable. She outmanoeuvred her evil stepmother by taking advantage of her stroke of luck (Aka her husband’s whim). Thank you for picking this up!


  2. midoriha

    lol a tea scene became like this! if he leaves, she’llbe there alone huh? destroy the family, aaahhh! well, what’ll happen after he leaves, is the question!

    Liked by 1 person

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