Hilarious Pampered Consort 28


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28. She wants to vomit, feeling disgust to the point of wanting death. (2)

With a call of ‘Ai Fei’, Qu Tan-er was stunned by the chill that ran through her body, shivering from the cold and all the goosebumps popping out.

She wants to vomit, feeling disgust to the point of wanting death.

Yet, it appears to be a chance. Unable to help it, timidly, carefully raising her head to glance at Big Madam, then facing Mo LianCheng with a quiet, sullen voice: “Tan-er dare not.” An aggrieved stare, coupled with a frightened tone and the occasional trembles from the body.

Instantly performing an act of a fragile, perfect beauty holding back her tears, unable to express her frustrations, appearing delicate and pitiful.

The outer and inner combination, so beautiful that it was a little too much…

Even Mo LianCheng was momentarily mesmerized.

Despite knowing that she was acting.

“Eight Wang Ye wants you to sit, then you should sit.” Qu JiangLin gave a sharp stare at Qu Tan-er, brows twitching, his anger close to bursting.

“Tan-er still dare not.”

Why so impatient?

Just awhile ago did not even seem to want her to sit, but now had a show of kindness? Currently, her waist doesn’t hurt anymore when she speaks while standing.

Can’t be helped, since somebody suffered punishment.

“Quickly sit down.” Big Madam also sent her a glare.

“But… Tan-er still dare not.” Qu Tan-er gave the chair behind her an aggrieved look, before carefully peeking towards Big Madam, ten dainty fingers clasped together. The meaning behind the quivers was portrayed perfectly and anybody with a discerning eye could tell that this look of hers was her fear towards someone.

“Dare not? What are you afraid of?” Mo LianCheng lifted the edges of his lips, surprisingly following up with a question.

Perhaps, what he should have asked was not what she is afraid of, but rather how many times was she beaten by the slat.

“Big Mother, may Tan-er sit down?” Qu Tan-er was also not in a hurry, directly turning her sights to Big Madam.

With this question, as if to say, the person she was afraid of is Big Madam…

“You, I….” Startled, Big Madam did not expect Qu Tan-er to turn the spearhead towards her.

“Big Mother, may Tan-er sit down?” Qu Tan-er softly, patiently asked again. The words were the same, except the one difference was that her tone was more resentful then before, as well as carrying even more fear.

“Eight Wang Ye wants you to sit, you should sit.”

“But, that seat belongs to Big Mother. If Tan-er sat down, afraid Big Mother would be unhappy. If Big Mother is unhappy, then Tan-er would again be…”

“Look at you, what kind of words are you spouting. Now that you are Eight Wang Ye’s, which is Eight Wang Fei, how would I dare to be unhappy? Look at yourself standing for so long, should be tired already, sit down and rest for awhile.” Big Madam smiled faintly, not allowing Qu Tan-er to finish her words, directly walking to Qu Tan-er’s side and reaching out with a hand to help her sit down.

A face carrying a faint smile and gentle movements, except, that hand that reached out to Qu Tan-er’s waist once again turned into a pinch.

“Thank you Big—Mother.” Qu Tan-er says through gnashed teeth.

“Take a seat.” Mo LianChen gave a mild sweep towards the people that remained standing.

“Yes, yes.” Qu JiangLin immediately responded, pulling Big Madam along and settling down on the lower seats.

Facing Eight Wang Ye, the rest of the concubines that did not have the right to sit together, could only stand on one side.

Nobody spoke, the hall was overly silent. The next moment.

“Does Big Mother’s eyes feel uncomfortable?” Qu Tan-er looked towards Big Madam with confusion, appearing to not understand. She was not a parasite from Big Madam’s stomach [1] , naturally she would not want to guess the meaning behind Big Madam’s implicit stare… Although previously she intentionally paid no attention to Big Madam, intensely focusing her sights onto the teapot atop the table.

[1] Referring to how she’s not part of Team Big Madam lol

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