Hilarious Pampered Consort 27


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27. She wants to vomit, feeling disgust to the point of wanting death. (1)

“Tan-er, why haven’t you gone over, Eight Wang Ye is waiting for you.” Big Madam carried a smile on her face despite the fierce glare she shot at her, stepped forth with a supposed warm manner, hidden from Mo LianCheng’s sights, raised her hand and pushed Qu Tan-er with veiled familiarity. However, her fingers that touched Qu Tan-er’s waist was at first a light push, that then turned into a hard pinch and added with extra force….

“Ya! ….. Hehe, Tan-er understands.” Qu Tan-er’s smiling face briefly changed, having not expected Big Madam to use this move against her, it was her mistake, a big mistake. Her back was already killing her with the pain, and added on with Big Madam’s pinch, it became so excruciating that cold sweat continuously flowed and tears threatened to fall, yet she forced them back.

A person can pretend to be soft and weak, but the real softness and weakness was something she would never allow herself to reveal in front of others.

Mo LianCheng walked with neither a too fast nor too slow pace, sitting upon the head seat with a sweep of his robes. Qu JiangLin hastily sent out an order for tea to be served.

With elegant movements he poured the hot tea, gave a few blows and raised his head with an indifferent smile towards Qu Tan-er. Big Madam’s secret acts were seen by him clearly and yet he chose not to reveal it, instead asking with concern, “What is it, is Wang Fei feeling ill?”

“Not at all, Tan-er feels fine, thank you for Wang Ye’s concern.” Qu Tan-er replies with a light tone, lowering her head before rolling her eyes. If a wolf was to extend greetings to a sheep, one must never assume that it comes with good intentions, for when the heart turns black it is really on a level above that old hag Qu. On the surface she keeps a gentle front: “Why did Wang Ye suddenly arrive? Yesterday, did you not say that you would not be coming back with Tan-er?”

“When did Ben Wang say that?”

“That is… Perhaps Tan-er misunderstood.” Qu Tan-er had raised her head with the intentions of opening her mouth to give a big scolding. However, the situation and status was not the time to do so, thus she keeps her tongue in check, perfectly and flawlessly reigning in her intentions.

“What is it? Did Father-in-Law blame you for not bringing Ben Wang back?”Mo LianCheng spoke with casual ease, though his perceptive gaze would drift towards that beautiful, exquisite small face, as if he was observing something.


“Eight Wang Ye is really joking, we would not dare to blame Tan-er, even more-so would not dare to blame Eight Wang Ye for not coming.” Big Madam hurriedly interrupts with a face of smiles, heart trembling just from hearing a single “Yes” word from Qu Tan-er.

Mo LianCheng ignored Big Madam, continuing on with his questioning towards Qu Tan-er, “Or did Father-in-Law use Family Punishment towards you?”

“That is…”

“Eight Wang Ye is really joking, now that Tan-er is the Eight Wang Fei, how would we dare to? Not to mention–” Big Madam cuts off Qu Tan-er’s words once again, though her own words did not finish as Mo LianCheng interjects.

“Ben Wang did not ask you.” Mo LianCheng leisurely sweeps his gaze to Big Madam, his tone even and blameless. The faint hint of dignified aura however, shocks Big Madam and prevents her from a repeat.

“Yes yes yes, what Eight Wang Ye says is right.” With an awkward look, Big Madam could only nod and agree.

As Qu Tan-er watches, she could not help but want to exclaim, what a difference between fellow humans! No wonder Su YueLa always told her, with power, status and wealth there would be nothing to fear. Looks like what she says is spot-on, but too bad…  She still blows a cold laugh from the nose. [1]

“Ai Fei [2], you must be tired from standing, why don’t you take a seat.” Mo LianCheng lightly smiled towards Qu Tan-er, his eyes signalling to her about the chair behind her and to figure it out herself.

This woman, her acting is really not of a normal standard. Even till this moment, she still shows a half-dead expression.

[1] 嗤之以鼻 – Referring to a derisive/mocking/contemptuous snort

[2] 爱妃 – Beloved Consort

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4 thoughts on “Hilarious Pampered Consort 27

  1. midoriha

    thanks a lot—-!
    well, he arrived, but it’s too late, huh…-eye twitch- destroy the Qu family! um, hm, it’s quite cool that she refuses to show her weakness, tan-er, that is!


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